Ottavio’s Tortellini Gigi

Every time I go to Ottavio’s, I always have a wonderful time that’s I decided to host my sister’s 30th birthday bash there. At first I thought of going somewhere else, but what I’ve come to realize over the years is that milestones aren’t always the best time to “try something new”. After a friend of mine recently told me about his mom’s birthday dinner debacle (complete with bad customer service, (more…)


I’m happy to say that this year’s Christmas holiday went exceptionally well! I usually don’t celebrate it but with my sisters, nephews & now nieces getting older, it’s important to me to make sure we do things as a family & create memories like my dad did with my sisters & I. We kept things low key by staying in & celebrating the day with my sisters & nephews which was fine by me because I believe holidays should (more…)

Illuminart Festival

Last week, I stopped by Place-des-arts, Montreal’s number one’s spot for all things artistic, to see its’ latest installment of the Illuminart festival. During the 8 week long event, spectators can view fairytale inspired illustrations come to life right before their eyes from inside a series of large zoetropes (which is sort of like a really big kaleidoscope (more…)

Joe Fresh Finds

If you’re a serious on-line shopper like myself, you’ve probably noticed the wave of cyber sales that have been popping up all over the Internet ever since Black Friday & leading up to Boxing Week. Well, I’m sad to say that after trying hard to resist, I caved into pressure & decided to check out what had to offer. Like most women, I probably don’t need anymore clothing, but (more…)